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IT services

Wired network, wifi, vpn
Printers access
Use of the wiki
Forges for collaborative work using revision control softwares.
Public and pricate file sharing
Consult and search for scientific resources (articles, books, ...)


  • access to this service requires an ENSEEIHT account
  • access to this service requires an IRIT account
  • access to this service is managed by a REVA member
  • access to this service can be made through Eduroam. Check here whether your university joined Eduroam. Do not forget to append @your-university-dns to your username.

Internet access

Wired network

Access :

Access to the guest wired network requires N7 login.

If your computer is administrated by the Lab, you do not need to login.


Access :

Wifinp hotspots requires an n7 account. They generally have better signal strengths but you may have difficulties to connect back to the network after an unwanted disconnection. In this case you will have to change you MAC address to fool the hotspot.


Access :

Your university is very likely to have joined the Eduroam program. See the nomenclature for further information.

All Eduroam hotspots are shutdown after 6:00pm.



Access :

You need to

  • be on the wired network
  • be on Eduroam OR
  • be on wifinp + VPN

And to refer to:

OS X users will have to download the specific HP drivers because the generic one do not support double-side printing.

Our black&white printer is an HP LaserJet P4015dn, so you have to choose the driver HP LaserJet P4010 series

Non permanent are not supposed to use the color printers, unless the one of the 1st stair. The trick to use the other floors color printers is to connect on the VPN.

The OS X drivers can be downloaded here

For any other help consult the page dedicated to the IRIT printers.

Note: if you are on the Edurom network or the guest network, you must use instead of

Common knowledge base

Access :

A team wiki is available here:

The objectives of the wiki are:

  • keep tracks of current and past works: please create pages to describe your projects in the lab
  • share common knowledges: when you discover a software library, a dataset, … don't hesitate to add a reference in the wiki. It mays help someone in the future and will help you organize and remember your own discoveries

The wiki is divided in various namespaces (categories) which have different visibilities and permissions. Some namespaces are used for example to publish resources to students.

Any user with an n7 account can log on the wiki. You can ask for the creation of users with special permissions (write/read to some namespaces) to the administrators : Axel, Bastien, Simone, Vincent

REVA@N7 Mailing lists

Beside the canonical mailing lists of the whole group REVA (, some “local” mailing lists are maintained including only the people working on the ENSEEIHT site. There are 4 main mailing lists, grouping together different type of people:

  • includes all the REVA people working at N7
  • includes all the PhD students working at N7
  • includes only the permanent staff at N7

Source code hosting

Access :


File sharing

Access :

This service based on OwnCloud is very similar to Dropbox.

  • 50 GB limit
  • synchronize files with your Linux/Mac/Windows computer
  • share and synchronize files with other internal users
  • share files via a publication link to anyone

n7 file sharing

Access :


IRIT File sharing

Access :

Computers and servers

Self services computers

Rooms F201, F204, F207. These computers are accessible through SSH.

Windows remote sessions

Connect trough tsirit

IRIT (Pauls Sabatier) gateway can be used to access IRIT computers, or to do SOCKS proxy ('ssh -Dport') and browse as if you were on the IRIT network.

Scientific resources


L'INP a des abonnements dans un grand nombre de bibliothèques et journaux permettant d'accéder gratuitement aux articles qui y sont publiés. La connexion à ces services via le compte de l'INP est automatique si

  • vous êtes sur le réseau de l'n7/IRIT
  • vous êtes dans une bibliothèque
  • vous êtes en vpn

A noter qu'il existe un catalogue ouvert de publications : OATAO

Livres et thèses

Access :

La recherche et la réservation de documents dans les bibliothèques des écoles et universités de Toulouse peut s'effectuer via Bibliothèque :

A noter que si un livre n'est pas présent, vous pouvez l'inscrire dans le catalogue des suggestions d'une des bibliothèques.

Voir aussi

Site web


Access :


Access :

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