Photometric Stereo: From Theory to Industrial Applications (QCAV 2015 Workshop)

  • This workshop is associated to the 12th International Conference on Quality Control by Artificial Vision - University of Burgundy in Le Creusot, France
  • Conference dates: June 3-5, 2015
  • Workshop date: June 5, 2015
  • Contact: -


Friday, June 5th 2015

  • 08h30 - 08h50 : Perspective photometric stereo beyond Lambert
    Maryam Khanian; Ali Sharifi Boroujerdi; Michael Breuß, BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg (Germany)
  • 08h50 - 09h10 : Analysis of surface parametrizations for modern photometric stereo modeling
    Roberto Mecca, Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia (Italy); Emanuele Rodolà; Daniel Cremers, Technische Univ. München (Germany)
  • 09h10 - 09h30 : MATLAB toolbox for the regularized surface reconstruction from gradients
    Matthew Harker; Paul O'Leary, Montan Univ Leoben (Austria)
  • 09h30 - 09h50 : Some illumination models for industrial applications of photometric stereo
    Yvain Quéau; Jean-Denis Durou, IRIT, CNRS, Univ. de Toulouse (France)
  • 09h50 - 10h10 : Real time swallowing measurement system by using photometric stereo
    Masahiro Fujino, Gifu Univ. (Japan); Emi Mura, Suntory Global Innovation Ctr., Ltd. (Japan); Kunihito Kato, Gifu Univ. (Japan); Hajime Nagai, Suntory Global Innovation Ctr., Ltd. (Japan)
  • 10h10 - 10h30 : Photometric stereo sensor for robot-assisted industrial quality inspection of coated composite material surfaces
    Eva Weigl; Sebastian Zambal; Matthias Stöger; Christian Eitzinger, Profactor GmbH (Austria)

Call for Papers

3D-reconstruction is one of the most classic computer vision tasks. The term stereovision, which etymologically means vision of 3D-shapes, is often confused with stereoscopy, which is one technique of 3D-reconstruction among others. The 3D-reconstructions obtained by recent projects like PMVS (Patch-based Multi-view Stereo), CMVS (Clustering Views for Multi-view Stereo), ARC (Automatic Reconstruction Cloud) or Photosynth, which all rely on stereoscopy, are indeed very impressive.

However, such softwares are not guided by accuracy considerations, and are more destined to augmented reality than to industrial applications, which requires accurate 3D models.

The proposed workshop is dedicated to another computer vision technique than stereoscopy, named Photometric Stereo (PS), which uses the camera sensor as a measuring instrument. Moreover, the images are taken under very controlled conditions. This is why PS is considered as an active vision technique, as opposed to passive vision.

All contributions related to PS are welcome, from theory to industrial applications. More precisely, please find hereafter a (non-exhaustive) list of topics which will be favorably considered:

  • PS models
  • PS with 1 image (shape-from-shading) or 2 images
  • Uncalibrated PS
  • PS under general lightings
  • PS in the presence of shadows
  • Integration of normals/gradients
  • PS for non-opaque objects
  • Outdoors PS
  • Coupling PS with other 3D-reconstruction techniques
  • Industrial applications of PS

Organizing Committee

Program Chairs: Jean-Denis Durou and Yvain Quéau
Program Committee:
  • Michael Breuss, BTU, Cottbus, Germany
  • Benjamin Bringier, XLim, Poitiers, France
  • Jean-Denis Durou, IRIT, Toulouse, France
  • Maurizio Falcone, La Sapienza, Roma, Italy
  • Bertrand Kerautret, LORIA, Nancy, France
  • Roberto Mecca, IIT, Genova, Italy
  • Yvain Quéau, IRIT, Toulouse, France

Important Dates

  • November 29, 2015: Summary submission deadline
  • December 15, 2015: Notification of acceptance
  • February 15, 2015: Final Manuscript Due Date
  • June 3-5, 2015: Conference
  • June 5, 2015: Workshop